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BLS Polymers Limited is a specialist manufacturer of polymer compounds with a storied history of more than two decades. It manufactures polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and cross-linkable polyethylene (XLPE) compounds. Further, it also manufactures specialty additive masterbatches and black and white masterbatches to meet a wide variety of client needs. Our products are manufactured to global quality standards to meet our customers' exacting requirements.

BLS Polymers started as a vision of Sri Vinod Aggarwal to boost domestic competencies in the polymer compounds sector. Established in 1991, BLS Polymers has grown into one of the largest polymer compounders in India, as validated by its strong ties with most major wire and cable manufacturers in the country.

BLS Polymers, one of the units of BLS Group formed to produce exlusively Cable Compounds. The production started in 2002. Capable to manufacture range of compounds for Power as well as Telecom cable sectors. In-plant manfacturing, testing and formulation development facilities. BLS Polymers head office is in Delhi and manufacturing facilities in Goa with present production capacity 30,000MT.

BLS Polymers' manufactures high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and medium density polyethylene (MDPE) compounds. These find application as insulation and sheathing compounds in telecom industry (in communication cables and optic fibre cables) and power industry (in Extra High Voltage Power Cables, High Voltage Power Cables and Aerial Bunched Power Cables). Similarly, PVC compounds find usage in power, data, signaling and automotive cables as well as house wires. Our XLPE compounds are widely used in the manufacturing of power aerial bunched cables.

BLS Polymers has also introduced a complete package of Specialty Additive masterbatches which find application in a wide variety of sectors. Further, it also has a complete range of black and white masterbatches for cable and non-cable applications in various polymers.

Our exhaustive range of cable compounds, used in the power, control, data, instrumentation and Telecom Cables, allow us to provide the most optimal solutions to wire and cable manufacturers. This, coupled with our product quality and customer-centric approach, has translated into our becoming leading suppliers to most of the major wire and cable manufacturers in India.

BLS Polymers has consistently adopted global best practices to ensure that it delivers the highest value to all its be it customers, employees, suppliers. BLS has implemented SAP solutions to ensure data-driven process framework. BLS Polymers follows a customer-centric approach to ensure highest possible levels of client satisfaction. The BLS approach is structured around four key pillars: quality, anticipation, speed and flexibility, which helps us meet and exceed client expectations. This means that our workflow starts not from the time of order placement but from anticipating customer needs, engaging customers and closely coordinating with them to help ensure their success and then delivering the product according to the customer's exacting requirements.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Goa gives us a strategic advantage given Goa's port location. This also allows us pricing advantage over our customers and helps us serve our clients better. A modern research & development facility allows us to continually develop new formulations to meet specific client needs.

We believe that trust and commitment (to both customers and channel partners) is the key to growth. To ensure the highest standards in both products and service, our team of experts makes strongest possible efforts in the areas of technology, quality, customer service and innovation.

BLS Polymers
BLS Polymers Ltd
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