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The automotive industry accounts for a significant share of gross domestic product (GDP) in numerous advanced economies such as Germany, USA, etc. India is also a prominent auto exporter and has strong export growth expectations for the near future. Automotive cables find wide application in various sections of a car's body such as gearbox, etc. As we move from fuel-based cars to electric cars, their usage in the automotive industry will only go up.

Polymers plays an important role in the automotive industry. To meet the requirements of our automobile industry customers, BLS Polymers not only supplies polymer compounds for cables automotive cables with PVC insulation and sheathing for the 100°C and 125°C temperature classes, but also a number of other special materials for various temperature classes and applications. Automotive cables manufactured from our cable compounds are used in a wide range of vehicle applications such as conventional cable harnesses, special applications like fuel pumps permanently immersed in fuel tanks, specific applications in ABS systems, air-bag safety systems, headlamps, various sensors, etc. Generally, the automotive cable product range is divided into three main groups: single-core, twisted and sheathed types. Twisted cables with varying lay lengths are used due to the removal of electromagnetic coupling in the transmission of high-frequency signals.

BLS Polymers manufactures cable compounds for different types of insulation and sheathing materials for the automotive industry. We develop PVC and PE polymer compounds with different insulation and sheathing properties depending on the individual application and also develop specific cable compounds according to individual requirements.

Automotive Industry | BLS Polymers
Automotive Industry | BLS Polymers
Automotive Industry | BLS Polymers Automotive Industry | BLS Polymers Automotive Industry | BLS Polymers
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