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Upcoming Products

Biodegradable Masterbatch

Disposable Plastic Products such as “Carry Bags”, “Tea, Coffee and mineral water glasses”, etc. are posing growing concerns to society due to indiscriminate littering habits of some of us. Sometimes these products are called as “Environmentally Hazardous” products, without the fault of the products.

Though utility of all disposable products are well-known, but as long as proper regulated disposal and recovery system are not in place, one of the alternate solution is to make them biodegradable. Our endeavor is to develop a product, when used to make one of the disposables and after disposal, exposed to environment, will be “Completely Compostable” over a time period. The product will gradually disintegrate in small pieces, due to bacteria and fungi effect.

Cling Masterbatch

LLDPE Stretch-Cling film is now a well-known packaging media for industrial products as well as for house-hold products including food wrapping applications. To make the film ‘Tacky’ to bring self-adhesion characteristics, Polyisobutylene (PIB) is used. PIB can be added to the polymer as a masterbatch or direct dosing to the extruder.

PIB masterbatch is a concentrate of high molecular weight Polyisobutylene ‘tackifier’ in Linear Low Density polyethylene. Higher the PIB concentration, higher is the cling property. The “Cling Masterbatch” will be formulated to use either in blown film or in cast film process.

Electro-static Dissipation (ESD) Compound & Masterbatch

Polyolefin base highly filled fine Carbon Black contain conductive compounds are a natural extension for providing permanent ESD (electrostatic dissipative) solutions.

Oxodgradable Masterbatch

The term “Oxo-degradable” brought from ‘Oxidation Degradation of products’ Due to “Oxo-degradation” the product will disintrigrate in small pieces. The offered product will initiate “Oxidation Degradation”. Oxidation phase will reduce molecular chain of polymers and will introduce oxygen into the structure. The chain length of polymers will shorten and there by physical properties will reduce. This will help to disintegrate in small pieces.

Rotomoulded Fuel Tank Compound

Formulations based on Linear medium density polyethylene pulverized compound designed for use in non-conventional Rotationally moulded products. The compound will be suited for applications where required critical requirements, such as in diesel tank. This compound will combines ease of processing and de-moulding with good impact, mechanical and stress crack resistance properties.

Scratch and Mar Resistant Masterbatch

Scratch and Mar resistance is an important characteristic for polymeric materials for numerous applications. Optimization of material properties is possible for applications in which scratch resistance is important. The luxury impression of an automobile's interior largely depends on the surface quality of the plastic interior trim parts. The essential factors of these plastic part surfaces are low gloss appearance along with good scratch and abrasion resistance. The Masterbatch in developmental stage will provide effective solution.

In our quest to expand with new product range, we require sincere business partners. We are interested to appoint forward looking with proven track record Sales Agents across the country.

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BLS Polymers have wide range of equipments to undertake contract manufacturing. We have been at the forefront of many new high performances Compound launches and at present embarked upon to offer specialized Masterbatches to the marketplace. We have excellent technical back-up to understand your requirements and transform the product as per your satisfaction.

The range of upcoming products offered by BLS Polymers consists of :
  • Biodegradable Masterbatches
  • Cling Masterbatch
  • Electro-static Dissipation (ESD) Compound & Masterbatch
  • Oxodgradable
  • Rotomoulded Fuel Tank Compound
  • Scratch and Mar Resistant Masterbatch
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Our Product Technology Center is designed to formulate custom compounds, provide innovative product solutions that are inspired by your visions. We analyses customized products in our laboratory which lead us to new compound formulations.

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Customer Supprt

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BLS Polymers Ltd is committed to achieve customer's satisfaction with quality products. Our quality registrations provide the framework for our business management system from raw material procurement to finished product manufacturing. Our people are committed to continual improvements to provide quality products, systems and services, quickly and efficiently to our customers.

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The testing laboratories at BLS Polymers Ltd., consists of OIT machines, equipment for testing carbon black content..

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