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Products - Additive Masterbatches

Antistatic Masterbatch  

Plastics are excellent insulator but can support to build-up of high static charges due to triboelectric effect. Static electrical charges are produced by separation caused by friction of two materials between each other. Such as during extrusion, film passes over rollers or by incidental contact between plastic parts during transport or storage. The build-up of static charges can pose difficulties, such as handling, attraction of dust from atmosphere, electrical shock, etc. The phenomenon is more prominent in presence of moisture. ‘Anti-static’ agents are chemicals, which eliminates the risk of built-up charges in a plastic product. There are two types of ‘Anti-static’ agents, namely, External and Internal.

External ‘Anti-static’ agent is coated on the surface of a product to reduce static charge. However, the effect is limited. Internal ‘Anti-static’ agent when incorporated in plastics through a suitable masterbatch form during processing, the chemical homogeneously distribute in the plastics. Gradually it migrates to the surface of the product and either gives a conductive surface coating or by absorbing atmospheric moisture to improve surface conductivity.

BLS ANTISTAT Masterbatch is based on pure anti static agent to neutralize the charges on the surface of the polymer. By using BLS ANTISTAT Masterbatch, following problems will be reduced or eliminated.

• Dust pick-up
• Handling problem
• Electronic static discharge damaging electronic equipments

BLS ANTISTAT Masterbatch can be tailored to modify PE, PP, EVA, PET, etc.


Sector Product / Application  
Agricultural Sector Manufacturing of UV Stabilized Green House Film
Packaging Industry Manufacturing of Monolayer / Multilayer Cast Film
In our quest to expand with new product range, we require sincere business partners. We are interested to appoint forward looking with proven track record Sales Agents across the country.

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BLS Polymers have wide range of equipments to undertake contract manufacturing. We have been at the forefront of many new high performances Compound launches and at present embarked upon to offer specialized Masterbatches to the marketplace. We have excellent technical back-up to understand your requirements and transform the product as per your satisfaction.

The range of upcoming products offered by BLS Polymers consists of :
  • Biodegradable Masterbatches
  • Cling Masterbatch
  • Electro-static Dissipation (ESD) Compound & Masterbatch
  • Oxodgradable
  • Rotomoulded Fuel Tank Compound
  • Scratch and Mar Resistant Masterbatch
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Our Product Technology Center is designed to formulate custom compounds, provide innovative product solutions that are inspired by your visions. We analyses customized products in our laboratory which lead us to new compound formulations.

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Customer Supprt

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BLS Polymers Ltd is committed to achieve customer's satisfaction with quality products. Our quality registrations provide the framework for our business management system from raw material procurement to finished product manufacturing. Our people are committed to continual improvements to provide quality products, systems and services, quickly and efficiently to our customers.

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The testing laboratories at BLS Polymers Ltd., consists of OIT machines, equipment for testing carbon black content..

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